While drilling a well can be easy, delivering water and sanitation solutions that are sustainable in the long haul is not and involves a number of important components. Read below to learn about our program philosophy, which has been refined based on field experience gained over the past twenty years.

Local Partners

We believe people in developing countries know best how to solve their own problems. That’s why we forge partnerships with carefully-screened, indigenous partner organizations that understand, and are part of, the local culture. The result: a solution tailored to the needs of each community, instead of a technological fix the community has no way of maintaining. More benefits:
  • Locally-based partners are better positioned to understand and navigate social, political, and economic issues impacting projects.
  • Locally-based partners have more savvy at leveraging local financial resources for cost-sharing in projects.
  • Local expertise exists to implement projects.
  • Working through local partners is more cost effective than maintaining expatriate staff.
  • Because Water.org is not tied to any single partner organization, we constantly search for and fund the organizations producing the highest quality projects.
Quotes from partners:
  • “We find that Water.org is open to new ideas and experimentation. They are quick to respond and very quick to answer. All of the staff members are committed to the water development and sanitation process. [Water.org] believes that this work is important and good for the people. They have commitment as well as empathy. This attitude is quite reassuring to us. We are not left wondering whether they see an idea the same way . . . We know we are sailing together.” – Nanda Vardhan, Society for Integrated Development in Urban and Rural Areas (SIDUR)
  • “[Water.org] is a model for the water and sanitation sector.” – Mrs. J. Geetha, Gramalaya
  • “[We] appreciate Water.org’s approach to water and sanitation projects due to their target-oriented approach, measurable indicators, capacity-building of…
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