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The Aqua Labs Report

More than just a report, a quality process

Service Visit
  • On a monthly basis, an Aqua Laboratories Technical Representative compares current water conditions to established control limits.
  • “Out of standard” results are identified and adjustments are made.
  • Aquatrak reports and graphs are presented.
  • When needed, an Aqua Laboratories Representative revisits the site to confirm that program adjustments are successful.
Service Manager Review
  • There is a second tier review of additional service reports and historical trending.
  • Action plans are developed between the Aqua Laboratories Service Group and the customer.
  • Corrective action plans are tracked to completion.
Senior Management Review
  • A third tier review audits the effectiveness of Aquatrak Service Quality Process.
  • When needed, Aqua Laboratories senior management implements corrective and preventive actions.
Customer Specific Data
  • Water Analysis
  • Product Usage
  • Water Usage
  • Utility Usage
  • Controller Settings
  • Custom Calculations
  • Recommendations and Comments
  • Analysis Results
  • Equipment Specifics