RecruitingAre you looking for an interesting, challenging career that offers long term stability and great earning potential? At Aqua Laboratories, we have the environment for which you are looking. Our focus on the future helps our employees set their career goals and plan their paths for success.

We recognize that our employees are our most valuable resource so we invest heavily in training and mentoring to insure their success and personal growth. Our atmosphere is informal and structurally different from larger companies. Each employee makes a difference at Aqua Laboratories.

Aqua Laboratories hires, trains and retains an expert team by providing a dynamic, safe, and goal-driven career environment that encourages its members to excel in practical and interpersonal arenas. Our employees are encouraged to master all facets of the Aqua Laboratories operation. Our atmosphere is informal and structurally different from larger companies, as it supports no large, multi-leveled bureaucracy. Our representatives are essentially their own bosses, performing to their own personal best.

If you have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities, we want to meet you.

  • Hands-on mechanical aptitude
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Friendly, approachable and helpful
  • Excellent communication of ideas and concepts
  • Polished presentation skills
  • Computer skills

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Current Job Openings

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