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One key component of successful water treatment programs is the use of versatile, dependable feed and control equipment. The ability to accurately control treatment residuals, pH, dissolved solids, and other parameters will insure that water side surfaces remain clean and that your heat transfer equipment will operate efficiently at its design criteria. Aqua Laboratories represents only the leading manufacturers who provide feed and control equipment featuring the ultimate in functionality and reliability. Our equipment line includes pH/conductivity controllers, proportioning pumps, water meters, turbine meters, water softeners, filters, shot/filter feeders, motorized valves and a number of different accessories. All of our sales and service representatives are continually trained in proper installation, programming, and trouble-shooting so that your investment in feed and control equipment is fully protected throughout a long service life.

A very valuable addition to our treatment programs sends an email message to our representatives (or your designated personnel) in the event an alarm condition occurs. This allows us to literally be “onsite” and aware of treatment program upsets 24 hours per day and to facilitate corrections quickly and effectively. Most manufacturers’ pH and conductivity controllers can be easily adapted either right out of the box or field modified. Contact us at (978) 388-3989 or sales@aqualaboratories.com for further information or for a complimentary audit of your feed/control equipment.

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