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Highly qualified people, state of the art technology and a company focused on exceptional customer service.

Our Company

Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

With over 45 years of experience with New England’s specific water management challenges for heat exchange equipment, Aqua Laboratories, Inc. provides water treatment programs for steam boilers, cooling towers and closed recirculating loops to manufacturing, large commercial properties, health care and institutional facilities throughout New England.

Aqua Laboratories, Inc. has strived to offer our clients the best possible value in water treatment products and services. A large part of our culture is the practice of taking ownership of both our treatment programs and the equipment that we are treating. We feel like we are not treating your heat exchange equipment, but our own. By partnering in this manner, we guarantee our commitment to you that we will apply the resources necessary to help you achieve your goals.

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Aqua Laboratories, Inc.
Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

quality management systems

All Aqua Laboratories functions operate under a tight quality management system. The most prominent area of the QMS involves our field service. The success of any water treatment program lies in how it is designed, controlled, and monitored.  In other words, it depends on how good the field personnel administering it are.

Our representatives receive continual training to be able to stay on top of advances in technology. In addition, all of our sales and service representatives are expected to obtain the Certified Water Technologist designation as offered by the Association of Water Technologies

Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

Our primary goal

Our primary goal is to optimize your current resources and maximize the efficiency and life of your equipment. We continue to invest in new methodologies to improve our products and services.

Green Water Treatment Technology

In 2010 our Green Water Treatment Technology was nominated for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Our programs often deploy wireless Remote Monitoring Systems - 24/7/365 discover and reporting of system stresses before they cause irreversible damage.

Green Water Treatment Technology