Legionella – ASHRAE 188 Standard

Legionella ASHRAE 188 Standard

Legionella – ASHRAE 188 Standard

Are you concerned about Legionella liability? Curious about the recent ASHRAE 188 Standard that addresses Legionella risk?

Aqua Laboratories has the water treatment experience and knowledge to understand Legionella risk and liability in cooling and domestic waters. We fully comprehend ASHRAE 188 and its implications, and are ready to share this valuable information with our customers.

Legionella cases are on the rise. Within the last year major Legionella outbreaks have occurred in Bronx, NY and Flint, MI, resulting in fatalities, lifelong disease, and multi million dollar lawsuits.

Our qualified field representatives are trained to implement effective cooling tower biocide programs that minimize the risk of Legionella transmission. We regularly test cooling waters, troubleshoot, make recommendations, and clearly document critical information regarding the safety, protection and efficiency of cooling systems.

If you are searching for peace of mind when it comes to Legionella, or if you need updating on the recent Legionella industry standards, Aqua Laboratories is your trusted partner and resource to effectively minimize your cooling water Legionella risk and liabilities.


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