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New Construction

Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

From: Today’s Facility Manager Magazine

“The demands placed on today’s facilities have never been greater. Modern buildings must be flexible and reach new levels of energy efficiency. They require attentive cost-control practices in all stages of initial construction and modernization, as well as in daily operation. Those charged with building construction and management must rely on technologies and the people behind them to meet their facility-related responsibilities.”

Throughout the Northeast, mechanical contractors, engineers, and project owners have trusted Aqua Laboratories to provide dependable expertise and guaranteed performance for new construction projects.  We handle the pre-operational cleaning of all process or HVAC equipment so that start up will be seamless. Our representatives will correctly program all feed and control equipment so that water chemistry can reach steady state conditions quickly and effectively. At Aqua Laboratories, we commit enough resources to help insure that your project is completed without a hitch.

We can provide mechanical architects and engineers with Association of Water Technologies (www.awt.org) approved generic specifications appropriate for their clients’ needs and water qualities.  We include Best Management Practices (BMP) that support the customer in obtaining USGBC (www.usgbc.org) LEED certification.  We can also assist in customizing specifications to fit a particular application.

We help our clients with:

  • Regulatory issues during construction
  • Adherence to construction scheduling and completion dates
  • Alternative make-up water sources and/or uses for system blowdown.
  • Galvanized cooling tower passivation and remediation issues

For additional information or to schedule a complimentary water treatment program evaluation, click sales@aqualaboratories.com.  For a live chat with a customer service representative, call (978) 388-3989.

New Construction