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Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

Plant managers today are faced with a number of different challenges which can include fulfilling contracts on time, maintaining product quality, environmental compliance, maximizing the service life of boiler and cooling equipment, eliminating un-scheduled downtime, and implementing sustainability initiatives.  At Aqua Laboratories we understand how difficult it is to manage all these issues.  We can help.

When you partner with Aqua Laboratories, we become an extension of your team. We take on the responsibility for the water treatment programs. All of our sales and service personnel take a “hands-on” approach to be certain that we always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Value-added benefits of Aqua Laboratories treatment programs include:

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance with CDC, EPA, and OSHA
  • Legionella monitoring and other risk management issues
  • Chemical feed and monitoring equipment automation
  • Training programs for professional development of staff
  • Sustainability projects
  • Return on investment opportunities
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

For additional information or to schedule a complimentary water treatment program evaluation, click sales@aqualaboratories.com.  For a live chat with a customer service representative, call (978) 388-3989.