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Aqua Laboratories, Inc.

There are a number of diverse demands placed upon management in the hospitality industry that range from providing guests with first class service to maintaining a competitive edge to meeting corporate sustainability goals. At Aqua Laboratories we understand how difficult it can be and we’re here to help. Aqua Laboratories water treatment programs are designed around maintaining guest comfort at the highest levels. By keeping HVAC systems clean and operating at design criteria, we can insure that your guests’ experience will be a pleasant one.

For decades, Aqua Laboratories has focused on helping our hospitality clients:

  • Provide a comfortable and safe environment for guests and staff
  • Maximize the service life of HVAC equipment
  • Maintain operating costs within budget

Other value-added benefits of Aqua Laboratories treatment programs include:

  • Assistance with ASHRAE 188
  • Legionella monitoring and remediation for potable/cooling systems
  • Training programs for professional development  
  • Identifying return on investment opportunities

For additional information or to schedule a complimentary water treatment program evaluation, click sales@aqualaboratories.com.  For a live chat with a customer service representative, call (978) 388-3989.